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Are you searching for the best darn eCards on the whole planet? Are you looking for funny E-Cards that will knock your socks off? Are you wanting electronic cards that won't cost you one blamed dime?

We're here to present only the funniest cartoon ecards online. We won't have more ecards than any other site but we promise to bring you the best birthday greetings, the funnest friendship ecards and the wackiest relationship electronic cards. Here are just a few categories we'll be covering:

Super Duper Old Fart Funny Birthday Cards
Icky Mushy Romantic Kissy Wissy Relationship Cards
Bestest Buddy Old Pal Friendship Cards
On Your Death Bed Throwin Up Get Well Cards
Gut Busting Big Fat Having A Baby Cards
Big Deal So What Who Cares Congratulation Cards
Ho Ho Ho Jolly Old Reindeer Poopin Christmas Cards
Butt Wiping Lecture Giving Mother's Day Cards
Sweet Sugar Coated Chick Flick Valentine Cards
Little Wittle Booger Eating Kiddo Children's Cards

Stay tooned as we are putting together our collection. Check back often as we will be adding cards on a regular basis.


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